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Interpretation and Translation Services you can trust.

At DATTA Language Services, we offer interpreters, simultaneous interpretation equipment and translators for every part of your business. We support meetings, conventions, congresses, seminars, conferences, site-tours, court cases and many more. When you need the best in multilingual communication, you can count on DATTA Language Services. DATTA – where communication matters.

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Our professional and skilled interpreters listen to the speaker, process the information, then simultaneously interpret the message into the target language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks. The interpretation is transmitted wirelessly to the target language listeners who each have a special receiver with earphones.

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Whether you need an international trade agree- ment, employee manual, medical report, or your company website translated – we are ready to meet all your translation needs. Our translators are professional linguists accredited by the American Translator’s Association (ATA) and Certified Translators in specific language direction with extensive experience in all areas.

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Make your next large convention a success using our multiple language capabilities. We offer FM and infrared equipment solutions for any size event. We have interpretation booths, FM and IR transmitters, receivers and control units. We use only the top manufacturers – Williams Sound, Sennheiser, Bosch and Shure. Rent or purchase options are available.

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We provide interpreters and interpretation equipment that project only the highest level of professionalism and expertise
in the language and field you require. From dress, to tone, to knowledge of your industry, you’ll be closing the deal in no time.