Tour Interpretation

Simultaneous, two-way, digital communication technology. Slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. With the push of a button, users can access two-way communication for easy, more focused group leader / group member participation. Ideal for an array of applications including wireless intercom, language interpretation and tour guide.

WS Digi-Wave Digital Transceiver / DLT 100
Williams Sound Digi-Wave DLT 100 small

This digital transceiver transmits and receives. One- or two-way operation offers flexibility in an array of applications. Compatible with all Digi-Wave systems.

WS Digi-Wave Digital Receiver / DLR 50
Williams Sound Digi-Wave DLR 50 small

The DLR 50 digital receiver is for listen-only applications. Ideal for one-way team teaching, tour guide and presentation scenarios.

WS Headset Microphone / MIC 044 2P
Williams Sound Microphone Headset small

Noise-canceling Headset Microphone, (2) 3.5mm plugs, 39″ cord, cardiod condenser, 150-18 kHz.

WS PPA Body-Pack Transmitter / PPA T46
Williams Sound PPA Body-Pack Transmitter T46 small

Lightweight and portable, this transmitter will broadcast voice ro other audio on one of 17 available channels.

WS PPA Select FM Receiver / PPA R37
Williams Sound PPA Select FM Receiver R37 small

FM receiver features easy-to-use, seek-button channel selection with access to 17 pre-set sideband frequencies between 72-76 MHz.

WS Unidirectional Headband Mic / MIC 100
Williams Sound Unidirectional Headband Mic 100 small

Unidirectional Headband Microphone. Improved RF resistance. Ideal for high noise environments, unidirectional condenser.

PPA FM Tour Guide System / TGS PRO 737
Williams Sound PPA FM Tour Guide System TGS Pro 737 small

Lightweight, single-channel tour guide system. Combines superior audio with easy-to-use controls.

Tour Guide System (Two-Way) / DWS TGS VIP
Williams Sound Tour Guide VIP (Two Way) DWS TGS VIP 12 small

Simultaneous, two-way, wireless tour guide system. Allows two or more tour guides to combine skills and guide as a team.

Tour Guide System (One-Way) / DWS TGS
Williams Sound Tour Guide System 10 (One Way) DWS TGS 10 small

One-way, wireless tour guide system. Ideal for smaller tour groups of 10 or fewer members. Group members have listen-only capabilities.

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