With over 20 years of experience providing conference interpreter services we have developed an extensive network of highly skilled professional conference interpreters. Our interpreters are professional linguists with vast experience in simultaneous advanced interpreting. We ensure continuous and accurate interpretation with our teams of two professional interpreters for each language. Our specially selected interprets work in 20-30 minute intervals to ensure a seamless flow of multilingual communication for your entire event.

We hand pick your interpreters, selecting the best professionals to meet your particular needs, based on the language direction, subject matter, and topic of your presentation. We will choose interpreters with the best specialized training in the skills you need, thereby preserving the semantic meaning, professional tone, and intended cultural impact of your message.

Simultaneous Interpreter

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Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpreter Female Our interpreters are experts at the difficult task of simultaneously listening to one language and translating the message to another while still preserving the specific meaning and tone instantly across the language barriers. Simultaneous interpretation is a demanding and specialized craft used to communicate in multiple languages at once for sales meetings, industry conferences, training seminars, site-tours, and international policy meetings where the primary concern is always effective communication. With DATTA Language Services, getting your message across accurately and effectively to a multinational, multilingual audience has never been easier.

We equip our interpreters with sound reduction booths, headphones, and microphones, as well as state-of-the-art transmitters that broadcast the translation to all receiving listeners. As the translation is sent over wireless communication devices to the targeted listeners, no special seating restrictions or inconvenient requirements are necessary. Your event can take place without a hitch!