Interpretation Equipment

Since Datta Language Services is a Williams Sound dealer we can offer a large selection of wireless systems. From FM, Digital, Infrared, Wi-Fi and Loop. The systems available at DATTA Language Services are applied in all walks of life, government meetings, international conferences, bilingual workshops, site tours, training seminars, doctors offices, houses of worship,courthouses and much much more – everywhere language interpretation services or assistive hearing are needed you can count on Datta Language Services to come up with a solution for you. You even have the option to rent or purchase the equipment.

At DATTA Language Services, we can provide a team of technicians for install, strike, and operating the systems, but most of all to provide decisive problem solving and ensure a flawless event – no matter the size.

Tour Guide  (1-24 people)

Tour Guide Interpretation

Meet the perfect solution for mobile tours. With our portable products, a microphone conveniently plugs into a wireless body pack transmitter that broadcasts sound to headsets worn by the intended audience. Individuals can adjust their own volume control and customize sound to suit their needs. So even though the setting might change, the sound quality won’t.

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Business Meeting  (1-50 people)

Business Meeting Interpretation

From employee training to sales presentations, we have the communication solutions to meet an array of corporate needs. It’s important for meetings to run smoothly from start to finish, and we offer portable and stationary FM, digital and IR communication technology that ensures your sessions are engaging and productive.

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Large Conference  (50-5,000 people)

Large Conference Interpretation

Since conferences are generally big in size, the most recommended tool of interpreting is the simultaneous interpreting. In it, the interpreter sits in a booth, listening through headphones to the incoming message in the source language and communicates it over a microphone to whoever is listening in the target language (also called “active” language), at the same time.

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DATTA Language Services is an authorized dealer for all Williams Sound products. If you do not see
what you are looking for, please email us or call a sales representative at (888) 381-7524 for more information.