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The 12-pack FM R37 Receiver Rechargeable Bundle comes with 12 FM R37 receivers and a CHG 3512 PRO Twelve Bay Charger. Also includes earphones and a carrying case.


The FM R37 features seek-button channel selection with access to 17 pre-set, wideband frequencies on reserved for hearing assistance by the ADA. The receiver is compatible with all Williams Sound 72-

76 MHz wide-band transmitters.


The FM R37’s audio is digitally synthesized for exceptional audio clarity and stability. Versatile 3.5mm stereo/mono jack allows for a variety of earphone/headphone options, and is neckloop/telecoil-equipped hearing aid compatible. The FM R37 offers sleep mode, low-battery indicator and stereo headphone jack.


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12-pack FM R37 Receiver Rechargeable Bundle

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