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The PPA T27 is a compact FM transmitter that broadcasts a speaker’s voice, music program or other audio wirelessly up to 1000 feet to a listening audience. The speaker simply connects a microphone with a 3.5mm plug into the unit to broadcast their voice. The PPA T27 compact FM transmitter also can connect to a sound system through a line-level (RCA) jack to broadcast music or other audio service. Audience participants can use an optional R37, R38 or any FM receiver operating on the 72-76 MHz frequency to pick up the broadcast.

Note: The PPA T27 transmitter is approved by the FCC for operation in U.S. markets. The transmitter cannot be used in all countries. Check with your government’s radio regulations for 72-76 MHz operation. This product is only available with 110V power supply and US plug type.


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Personal PA® Compact FM Transmitter

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