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The Single-Channel FM Tour Guide System TGS PRO 737 is a lightweight, single-channel system that helps tour participants with hearing difficulties listen directly to the tour guide and control their own volume. This system features the FM R37 receiver, which can be tuned to a single FM channel via a seek function.


No installation required — save time and money. Ensures wireless/effortless communication between guide and participants. Combines superior audio with easy-to-use controls. No installation required–save time and money. This single-channel FM tour guide system is designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements.


The TGS PRO 737 comes with a microphone, PPA T46 transmitter and 10 PPA R37 receivers in a carrying case. It does not come with any earphones, headphones or neckloops.

NOTE: This System is approved by the FCC for operation in U.S. markets. The system cannot be used in all countries. Check with your government´s radio regulations for 72-76 MHz operation.

Disclaimer: FCC rules limit use of this equipment to auditory assistance.


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Single-Channel FM Tour Guide System

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